It was time for our ten year reunion and we were back in the hometown with our husbands. Quite typically, we were discussing how far we’d come in the decade since leaving school, and quite typically, we weren’t entirely satisfied. Our frustrations with our situations at the time were similar and our motivations were identical.

We believed that things could be done better. Clients could be treated with more care, websites could have less spelling mistakes and logo designs could say more about the business’s personality. So we started a company, right there. Our husbands were terrified.

It all made sense and the pieces fit together perfectly – a graphic designer and a copywriter who could pretty much read each others’ minds? Priceless!

It is now three years later and although the husbands are still terrified, we absolutely love what we do.

Our three Beri principles (avoiding mediocrity like the plague, always figuring out a strategy before jumping in, and focusing on simplicity) guide us through every project. The results are something we gladly present to clients and proudly put our names on.

It’s about taking someone else’s story, really getting to know it, the client, the brand and its personality, and breathing life and energy into it in the ideal form of communication – a corporate identity, a website, brochure, marketing campaign, social media presence or a magazine article – to name a few.

Corné Smit

aka: WildBeri

Graphic Designer

Ever had a message you just didn’t know how to convey? Corné is the answer! She has a knack for breaking down a complex concept into clear, digestible bits, and then designing a piece of visual communication that delivers the message with perfect clarity.

That explains why she won’t put anything into a design if it doesn’t serve a definite purpose. She’ll ask why until she knows exactly what motivates you, your business, your message and the look you have in mind, and it pays off every time.

WildBeri loves:

Fast cars

Her very busy, adorable baby boy


Charine Els

aka: MalBeri

Copywriter & Website Designer

Even the most powerful messages can get lost in translation. If you’ve got something important to share with the world, you need to use the right words and tone of voice to do it. Sometimes it’s a single sentence and sometimes it’s a well written 2000 word article. Luckily our Word Wizard knows how to pack (and package) a punch!

Charine’s writing skills and love of online media also means that your social media posts and website content will hit the mark every time – it’s all about knowing your client and THEIR clients.

MalBeri loves:


Dancing with the husband

Her two overweight cats


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